Rental Application Criteria:

1 - Complete applications, photocopied picture ID, are required of all potential residents over the age of 18.

2 - Students must also provide a copy of their College transcripts.

3 - References, including a credit report, will be checked and verified.  The credit report cost is $20 per adult (or married couple) and should be submitted when applying.

Criteria for application approval include:
- sufficient income
- favorable rental history
- favorable credit history
- NO Bankruptcies

We do NOT allow smoking or pets.

When your family or group applications are approved, you have the option of accepting the offer of tenancy by signing a rental agreement, and paying the deposit and first month's rent.  Be advised that application approval does not mean that you get the home.  At the time you are approved, you may be the only approved individual/family/group, or you may be one of several.  The first approved individual/family/group that forwards the deposit & rents, and signs a rental agreement, gets the home.  You are advised not to give your current landlords notice until you have a rental agreement in hand.

You may apply by e-mailing your attached application and Photo ID.  Please include the $20 per person application fee when you apply. Typical turn around time is 1 to 2 days.  Thank you for your interest in our home.

Brian Wingert -  Phone 425-770-7713