Rain City Home Northwest LLC     -----  Handyman, Repairs and Remodels


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Rental Info    Located on Finn Hill in Kenmore/Kirkland, WA and serving the north end, both sides of the lake.          


         Kitchen/Dining room remodel.


         Bathroom Remodel.


         Barn Doors Built.


         New wall, closet and doors.




         Fix double tapped circuit breaker.


                                       New Garage Door


         Repair open ground connection.


         New Kitchen Faucet.


         Replace door eaten by large dog.


        Custom cooking island.


         Replace broken outlet.


         Kitchen make over.


         Boxed foundation gap.


         New windows, paint, carpeting.


        Fix/replace leaky down tube.


         Half bathroom installation.


         Install new flange boot.


         Kitchen remodel.


         Attach dishwasher ground and install romex clamp.


         New entry and exterior doors


         Patch chimney flashing


         Partial kitchen makeover


         Exterior makeover


                                       Partial bathroom remodel